Sample Telecommuting Agreement

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Telecommuting agreement

A Telecommuting Agreement is used to establish the terms and conditions governing a relationship which allows an employee to work from home or another Co-working space as an alternative to commuting to and from the workplace. Given today’s new communication technologies, like VoIP hosted PBX systems that can seamlessly connect an employee from anywhere, this type of arrangement is an increasingly popular means to reduce overhead costs and provide flexibility to employees.


After the Pandemic; Telecommuting is often used by employers to attract and retain employees and as such, it is necessary to outline the terms of such an agreement in writing. This is a comprehensive template, critical for anyone considering a telecommuting arrangement, as it contains provisions relating to employee evaluation, inspection, pay status, and equipment ownership and liability.


Below is a model of a telecommuting agreement. Modify it for use in your own organization. For a more detailed Telecommuting Agreement, you can do a search online and purchase one for a small fee.


Telecommuting Agreement
I have read and understand the attached Telecommuting Policy, and agree to the duties, obligations, responsibilities, and conditions for telecommuters described in that document.


I agree that, among other things, I am responsible for establishing specific telecommuting work hours, furnishing and maintaining my remote work space in a safe manner or my membership current in the co-working space, employing appropriate telecommuting security measures, and protecting company assets, information, trade secrets, and systems.


I understand that telecommuting is voluntary and I may stop telecommuting at any time. I also understand that the company may at any time change any or all of the conditions under which I am permitted to telecommute or withdraw permission to telecommute.


Remote work location:
Employee residence______________________________________
Company premise or Co-working Space________________________________________
Description of work space at remote work location________________________________________
Telecommuting schedule:
On a weekly basis as follows________________________________________
On a monthly basis as follows________________________________________
No regular schedule (separate permission for each telecommuting day)________________________________________
Regular telecommuting work hours:From ______ to ______
Meal break/other breaks:________________________________________
Company assets to be used at remote work location or Co-working Space: (Description and ID numbers)________________________________________
Company information systems to be accessed from remote work location: (List)____________________________________________________________
Non-company equipment, software, and data to be used at remote work location, Co-working Space: (List)_______________________________________ Other________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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