Tips for Keeping that Holiday Package at Your Front Door Safe from Thieves

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Holiday Packages in front of door

Every year as the holiday season nears, the complaints of packages stolen from front porches and doorsteps begin to permeate. When some people think they are sidestepping long lines and rude crowds by shopping online, they could be inadvertently turning themselves into easy targets for thieves that scour front doors for deliveries.


One way to protect yourself is to have your high-dollar items sent to your virtual mail address at VenturePoint.


You could also have them shipped to the home of a person who you know will be home when you are not. A note left with a mail carrier alerting them to leave packages at the post office has also been recommended by postal officials.


The USPS carriers are trained to leave packages in a parcel locker and if they aren’t home they leave a slip for customers to pick it up at the post office during business hours. They are also trained to leave packages somewhere inconspicuous or out of the way.


You can ask a neighbor who is home during the day to take custody of your packages. Or alert the mail carrier beforehand if you have any special instructions.


You can opt for signature confirmation for delivery of your packages when ordering is a good way to cut down on theft. If you aren’t around, you can always go to the post office later and sign for them.


Of course, you could just have your Items sent to a store where you can pick them up at your leisure. Retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target have been doing this for years, and not just around the holidays


But the most convenient way to do it is through VenturePoint YOUR POSTAL MAIL WHEREVER YOU ARE. 


Our secure online mail management and mail forwarding solution offers a simple way to access your postal mail anywhere you are connected to the internet.



Address Network

Subscribe to a street address from our network, and have your mail and parcels sent there. Need more than one? No problem.


Receiving Items

Once you have chosen a mailing address and an item arrives for you, we will image the envelope or package and deliver it to your account. An email or SMS is sent notifying you of its arrival, then you can log in to your account and tell us what to do next.


Open & Scan Contents

Want to see what’s inside? Select items to be opened and scanned, then we will create a searchable black and white or color PDF that you can view online or download.


Electronic Check Deposit

Once an item has been opened and scanned, our system detects any checks, giving you the opportunity to deposit them electronically into any bank in the US.



With our mail forwarding service, you can select one or more items to be forward shipped almost anywhere in the world at discounted rates. We are happy to accommodate your special requests for consolidations, custom labels, inspections, and order fulfillment.



Take advantage of our secure facilities to store your letters and parcels as long as you like. Free unlimited digital storage of envelope images and content scans is included with every account.


Shred and Recycle

We offer secure shredding and recycling of unwanted items, depending on your needs.


Registered Agent 

Need a registered agent for your business? We can receive service of process and other official documents on your behalf.


Unlimited Users

No matter how many users you have, or where they’re located, we have you covered. From individuals, families, and small businesses to enterprise mailrooms, we’re your online virtual mail solution.


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Updated November 09, 2021.


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