Customized Work Options for Business Professionals

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Furnished Private Office Space For Rent In San Antonio
VenturePoint Offers Attractive Office Options for Busy Professionals
Catering to the office needs of every businessperson or mobile entrepreneur, VenturePoint offers a range of convenient, technology-equipped office space alternatives to suit any budget.
If you are looking for an affordable place to work, conduct business, and present a professional image, VenturePoint offers a number of options, including co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and a variety of wireless tools for business associates who may be visiting from out of town.
 “As the shift toward flexible work/life spaces continues to grow, VenturePoint has taken all of these factors into consideration, offering every amenity possible for the mobile worker and virtual or traditional business enterprise,” says VenturePoint’s Chief of Operations. “The marketing potential for freelancers and home-based businesses is huge. VenturePoint provides a platform for these entities to expand at their pace while providing the equipment they need to get everything done as if they were a larger entity.”
A quiet reprieve from the norm, VenturePoint has executive suites, meeting rooms, and the best in high-tech equipment to handle meetings and video conferencing. Business owners can create an actual address and office environment for virtual workers. A real, live representative answers your phones and VenturePoint conveniently offers a place to have mail delivered.
Office spaces and conference rooms can be rented for the day or per hour, while executive suites are available for lease with flexible terms.
For more information on how VenturePoint can accommodate your business needs, contact an associate to schedule a tour, attend the free co-working promotions on Fridays, or register for one of our monthly events.
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