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I find that in life, taking control of your own fate makes all the difference in the world. From making an appointment and seeing a doctor about a medical issue …. to reaching out to connect with old friends; it’s that extra effort that is important.
In business, it is no different. Every sales expert will tell you that you will close more deals if you go out and “ask for the sale” rather than waiting for it to come to you.
Taking this same philosophy to emailing lists is a sure fire way to increase your profits and control your own email marketing destiny. While some may consider ordering a list for a client to be a “hassle”, there are many more who realize how crucial it is to an email blast long-term success.
I’ve dedicated this blog to explain what I think are the benefits of taking control of your client’s email prospect list, and how we can help you and any other reps you work with to drive more profits with lists.
Why you should be in control of acquiring your customers’ email prospect lists.
Create your own Fate! 60% of the success or failure of an email campaign is determined by the list. By leaving the list portion up to the End User or their partner, you lose control on how effective the email will be. Instead, talk to a Mailers Haven list expert. With over a billion records sold annually, we know what works and can help guide you on acquiring a successful list.
Become Irreplaceable! It’s not just about demographics but the quality of the list itself, when determining an emailing’s success. With Mailers Haven’s best of breed lists, I guarantee you will be provided with lists that work, and they will find you irreplaceable.
Increase Your Profits! While marking up the cost of an emailing list will provide you an additional revenue stream, you are also in position to up-sell. Get your customer to upgrade the list to multi-use and email a second time, add names to your Occupant emailings, perform an email match and mail to any email list purchase, or show a client how they can get some extra records by using an interesting select. When you control the list, you control the emailing.
Thanks for reading. Remember, take the bull by the horns and the list by the selects and you’ll be controlling your fate and your profits.Happy mailing, Tonya Wade,  President Mailers Haven 27819 Smyth Drive Valencia, CA 91355 (800) 557-5487
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Updated January 12th, 2022


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