Beneficial hobbies when work from home

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Hobbies are extremely important for a well-rounded and complete life. According to Skilled At Life, hobbies can relieve stress by allowing you to enjoy yourself and give your mind a break from the stress of everyday life. This is especially true if you work from home; by having hobbies that allow you to destress after a long day, you can help add a layer of separation between your work-from-home life and your personal home life. Hobbies can even help you become more patient and build your self-confidence. 


Plus, when you decide to do hobbies with friends, they allow you to strengthen your existing social bonds and build new ones. Having hobbies and socializing are especially important when you’re working from home. Nothing strengthens a friendship quite like learning a new hobby together and helping each other learn new skills. Maybe best of all, you can enjoy all of these benefits without having to spend a fortune!


But with the sheer volume of hobbies to choose from, it can be hard to sort through them all and pick one you might like. For that reason, VenturePoint presents some ideas for hobbies that are great to learn with friends or do on your own, and ideas for keeping them budget-friendly.


Playing an Instrument


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument, now is just as great of a time to learn as any. While learning how to play an instrument might seem overwhelming, having a friend join you in this new pursuit can make the process far easier. You will be able to help each other with tough techniques and encourage each other when things get tough. 


If you are interested in keeping costs low, you can shop around at thrift stores, buy a used instrument or look into renting one, which can save you hundreds of dollars. There are also countless tutorials on the internet that can help you jump into playing right away, including free YouTube tutorials.


And if you rent one of the 1,500-plus apartments in San Antonio, you need to keep your neighbors in mind. If you become dedicated to pursuing an instrument, you might even consider finding a house to rent so you can jam whenever and however you want.




Did you know that some studies have shown golf can increase your life expectancy by approximately five years? Even if you’ve never considered learning golf before, it might be worth considering given all the benefits golf can provide. Not only does golf get you outdoors and moving, but it is gentle enough to be fun no matter your age or athletic skill. Golf improves your cardiovascular health, burns calories, and can improve your vision. Plus, golf is a hugely social sport, which makes it perfect for learning with your friends and family. 




Swimming is a great way to stay active at any age. According to Active, swimming provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning, builds your balance, increases your muscle strength, improves your flexibility, and strengthens your core. Because swimming takes some of the force of gravity off of your body, it is even doable for those with joint and bone problems. Swimming can even reduce pain


While swimming is obviously a great hobby to do alone, it can be improved upon further by doing it with a friend. Having a friend to swim with can help you perfect your stroke and provide lots of socialization.


If you aren’t necessarily a good swimmer, consider signing up for a class with a friend and learning some strokes together. Swimming is very inexpensive and requires little or no equipment, but if you need goggles or a swim cap, consult online sites like Join Honey to see if you can score some online deals




Not really interested in an active sport or an outside activity? You might want to try calligraphy instead. Not only is calligraphy fun, but it is also quite useful. Plus, who doesn’t want to have beautiful handwriting? According to the Postman’s Knock, calligraphy is great for your mental health because it tends to be very meditative. Calligraphy is also an inexpensive activity, requiring only basic equipment to get started. 


Check out weekly ads for Michaels and Joann’s to see if they have specials for ink, pens, and paper. Though it might look complicated, calligraphy is not difficult to learn. Once you get the basics down, it is incredibly easy to design your own fonts that look stunning. While calligraphy is fun to do alone, it is also easy for your friends to join you.


Make Your Hobby Work for You


If you find yourself weighing the prospect of turning your hobby into a side gig or primary revenue stream, your hobby may be on the verge of turning into more than just a creative outlet. This could include selling unique handmade products at Art & Sol or selling ebooks that you’ve written on Amazon — the possibilities are endless.


Hobbies are a great way to build friendships and find new people to connect with. Though deciding on a hobby can be tricky, we recommend starting with one or two and then branching out once you get the basics down. Try some of the hobbies on this list for inspiration.


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