VenturePoint Membership offers Enhanced Business Growth Solutions

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VenturePoint Workspace in San Antonio
VenturePoint caters to the mobile and solopreneur business market with their premier membership program. The next level of incentives and multi-location solutions for professionals who need a Flexible Office Space including virtual business location or quiet workspace option, the program provides a fully-equipped business environment, advanced technology capabilities and opportunities for enhanced business growth.


The program is designed to maintain the highest levels of efficiency while enhancing the brand image of the mobile entrepreneur or small business professional in a Flexible Office Space environment. Through value-based solutions, VenturePoint replaces expensive overhead costs by providing all the elements needed to keep businesses running. On average, traditional office spaces cost $6,338 a month, or $76,056 per year. VenturePoint Flexible Office Space membership equates to a 50% of those expenses with a cost-effective average of $2,796 per month and $33,552 per year for the same amenities on a larger scale. For more information you can see our video here


VenturePoint members enjoy Flexible Office Space amenities at all San Antonio, Texas locations, with the option of establishing a presence at one or using the facilities at all four based on where they need to conduct business. Membership packages include private offices equipped with elegant contemporary furniture by Steel Case; water; secure internet connections; telephone; janitorial services; security; beverages and refreshments; an on-site assistant, digital mail, packages and handle tasks; career guidance; networking platforms; conference room facilities and access to top-of-the-line technology in printing and video conferencing.


“We provide a unique business experience that meets specific needs. Whether it’s a local entrepreneur, freelancer, or someone from out-of-town who needs a quiet Flexible Office Space to work, we have the perfect solution in permanent or temporary office space,” says VenturePoint’s Director of Business Development. “We’ve created simple solutions to the new standard of doing business.”


VenturePoint Flexible Office Space packages range from use-as-you-go solutions to all-inclusive monthly plans. For more information on pricing and a tour of the facilities, contact an associate or visit the website at


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