What Makes An Effective Coworking Space?

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Coworking spaces grow ever more popular, and if you’re looking at this article, you already know all the beautiful benefits of a coworking space. The networking opportunities, the cost-efficient utilities, and the overall convenience are probably known to you by now. You know you want to find a coworking space by now.

The question is: what do you look for in one? Are there details that should be paid any special attention to? Is it enough for a space to be cheap? These are questions that will be answered in this article. From organized workstations to location scouting, we’ll be discussing the essentials of a coworking space.

What To Look For In a Coworking Space

Here are some of the essential qualities to look for in a coworking space:


First and foremost, you have to look at your budget. Coworking spaces are significantly cheaper than renting out your own space, especially if you are a small business. However, that doesn’t mean you should start breaking the bank. 

You need to find the right balance between your budget and quality of life. The biggest benefit of a coworking space is that the savings from it let you focus your money on more important things in the business.


Next, you have to observe who is using the space. Remember, you won’t be the only one there. You need to be sure that you’ll socialize well with the other companies you’ll be working with. Even the most perfect facilities can be ruined if you don’t get along with the people.

Not to mention, you should also see how much overlap your business has with theirs. If they are direct competitors, it might not be such a good idea to be working near them. A coworking space needs to be a safe space, away from stress or prying eyes.


The location of the space is just as important as the space itself. How far is it from you or your employees? Is it convenient to travel to? How noisy are the surroundings? Location is important to maintaining work-life balance. If it’s too far, then any positives might be outweighed by the commute.

If it’s right next to a road, the noise could prove too distracting for workers to be at their best. All these little things might seem like nothing, but the subtle way they disrupt business is damaging. Always pick a convenient location for your coworking space, especially concerning travel.


This means water, electricity, and the internet. These are all essential to a business. It’s important to get your rent money’s worth out of the utilities. The water needs to be cleaned and cleared by health inspectors. The electricity should be reliable, ask around if power gets interrupted in that building. The internet needs to be fast enough for office purposes, otherwise, it’ll be a slow day.

Utilities are usually folded into the costs of your rent, so that part isn’t too worrisome.  However, some unreputable coworking spaces that are cheap out might not provide the best utilities. Observe a coworking space for a day or two to see if anything goes wrong.


The workspace itself should provide enough space for however many people you have working for you. They need to be able to work in an environment with no distractions. They should also be comfortable. People will be sitting for the most part, so the provided furniture must be comfortable.

Dedicated desks for your employees give them a space to truly call their own. No more “first come first serve” with finding tables to work on. Arrive and leave at your leisure without the worry of other people taking up the space.

Private Rooms

Not everything needs to be out in the open. Even in a coworking space, privacy should still be achievable. Conference rooms that have blinds, as well as locks, should be available when needed. This ensures privacy for sensitive meetings.

It’s also just a good place for people to further find some quiet from the usual hustle and bustle of a coworking space. Networking on off time is fine, but sometimes, employees just need a few minutes to recharge by themselves. 


Amenities are a lot easier to work around than the previous qualities, but good amenities are one less thing to worry about. Some coworking spaces provide a kitchen or a canteen for people to buy food. Others simply provide coffee makers and vending machines.

If the location you choose isn’t near any restaurants or convenience stores, it’s even more important that the coworking space provides amenities. Some people don’t have the time to cook their lunches, so the convenience of amenities curbs that worry.


Lastly, how flexible is the coworking space when it comes to events? Do they have dedicated spaces for business parties or networking conventions? Do they hold their events? These aren’t directly tied to work, but it’s still something to consider. Plus, it lets you know how “busy” a day might be if there’s an event.


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