Benefits of Having a Dedicated Desk in a Coworking Space

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A dedicated desk is a concept designed for those who seek more privacy and have a desk dedicated specifically to them and their task without any interruption. It is a desk that is rented out to a specific individual.

At Venture Point, we would like to share some insights into what the term means in a coworking space and what its benefits are for you, whether you are a professional or a company.

What Exactly is a Dedicated Desk?

A dedicated desk is a table that is assigned to an individual in an office. That table is for that specific individual alone and no one else can use it.

Some of the main characteristics of such a work setup are as follows:

  • The desk is rented on a long-term basis
  • Supplies and personal resources can be left on the desk
  • Booking is not available for a single day

Benefits of a Dedicated Desk

When you have dedicated desks in your coworking space, it draws the attention of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals seeking a more long-term commitment. It helps create a more professional image.

Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Driving revenue on a per-desk basis
  • Enjoy extra ownership and security in the given space
  • Assists with developing a coworking community

When you use this model, it helps create a coworking space that gives a deeper sense of true community.

Affordable Model

A dedicated desk model provides you with an inexpensive option for creating office space. Besides having access to a private workspace, you will be able to access all the amenities available in a coworking space.

Some of the additional amenities include conference rooms and private call booths.


Freelancers or team members who work best alone will find dedicated desks providing them with everything they need to work to their optimal efficiency. Besides, everyone benefits from the community that builds up the coworking space where everyone feels more comfortable. 


Dedicated desks can also be transitioned into larger spaces. Depending upon the change in your business’ size and needs, you can move into a larger or smaller space.

If your business picks up and you have to grow your workforce, you can transition into a serviced office.

Such transitions are simple, as the contracts are for a short time and the periodic rates are low.

Applications of Dedicated Desks

A look at the different uses or applications of dedicated desks should provide you insights into how you can further benefit from this model of coworking space.

  • Freelance copywriters can work from a dedicated desk with their basic resources that include a laptop. A 3D artist can work with resources including a desktop computer, multiple monitors, and a tablet. A dedicated desk allows the development of a dynamic community while the users stay engaged.
  • Dedicated desks are typically rented out for a monthly fee. 

There are many more reasons for choosing dedicated desks for coworking spaces. For more information about this concept, feel free to contact us at Venture Point.

We can be reached at (210) 598-5595 or you may write to us using this Online Form.


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