Tips for Making the Most of Your Virtual Office

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With working paradigms rapidly evolving in the ‘work from anywhere’ regime, entrepreneurs and businesses are making the most of their flexibility. Working at your home or a café may suit you perfectly until one of your prospects wants to meet you in person.

Of course, you have set up your virtual office at home. It’s okay to fix an appointment at your residential address. Well, won’t you miss the professional ambiance that defines an office?

At VenturePoint, we bring you the liberty to rent premium office spaces without incurring the cost of renting a physical office. Why not impress your clients or prospects by meeting them in a professional ambiance?

Here’s an eye-opener for you to make the most of your virtual space.

5 tips to work from your virtual office

Walking in the shoes of a CEO or business head, make sure to adhere to these guidelines while operating in a virtual office.

1. Set up a robust professional infrastructure

Whether you are a business owner, solopreneur, freelancer, or mobile entrepreneur, make sure to have the right commercial infrastructure in place. Go for a virtual office membership that unleashes these facilities to you.

  • A real business address
  • Mailbox
  • Mail forwarding facilities
  • Real-time notification on receiving mail
  • Package and envelope images
  • Commercial telephone line
  • Voicemail and answering service
  • Call routing facilities

2. Configure your email with the business name

Have you still been using Yahoo, Gmail, or other personal email addresses for your business? It’s time to put on a professional hat and get your company’s domain. Remember, having a registered business in a physical office along with your domain creates a positive impression. This goes a long way in shaping your brand image.

3. Set up office hours

 Working at a virtual office shouldn’t imply you’re ready to answer calls or meet visitors round the clock. On your website, make sure to display the actual office hours. In real life, stick to this work schedule to establish your credibility. This approach significantly helps freelancers and remote workers organize their daily operations.

4. Get a landline number

Along with professional business cards and a website, get a landline number. Rather than using a cell phone for professional purposes, calling your clients or prospects through a landline number establishes credibility. Make sure that your virtual office package includes a telephone setup.

Also, opt for the call-forwarding facility. This way, you won’t miss any call on the landline number when you’re working from your home or elsewhere.

5. Be physically present

Make sure to be present at your commercial address when you meet visitors. Most of these working infrastructures come with co-working spaces. So, you can always get a cubicle for yourself and meet your prospects at your office whenever they turn up. Working from a physical location also brings you better networking opportunities.

Redefine your professionalism with a virtual office space

How about accessing modern technologies in a premium virtual office at an affordable rate? You’ll even have a receptionist to support your business. Have a consultation with us regarding your requirements, and we will configure your virtual office within your budget! Feel free to call VenturePoint at (210) 598-5595. You can also fill up this contact form, and we would get back to you soon.