Demystifying Mail at Your Coworking Space: Keeping Things Secure and Streamlined

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Coworking Space, Digital Mail, Mail Handling | 0 comments

Ever wondered what happens to your mail after it lands at VenturePoint? We understand the importance of receiving your correspondence promptly and securely, so here’s a breakdown of our mail handling process:

The Daily Grind:

Every day, our dedicated location managers receive mail deliveries from USPS, UPS, FEDEX, or DHL. They then embark on the sorting mission, utilizing our comprehensive member database that links your name with your unique suite number. 

This unique suite number is crucial, as it ensures your mail finds its way directly to you. Make sure that you are always including this number when writing your business address. 

If you are unsure or don’t know what your unique suite number is, please contact your location manager or call us at (210) 598-5595.

Technology Meets Efficiency:

Once sorted, your mail takes a digital leap. We scan everything using our advanced Mail App, which seamlessly assigns the mail to your account. This triggers a real-time notification, letting you know you have mail waiting.

Secure Storage:

Rest assured, after scanning, your mail is safely stored in our facilities. We prioritize the security and privacy of your important documents.

Taking Control:

Empowering you with choice, our Mail App offers an array of options:

  • Scan: Curious about a specific piece of mail? Request a scan for a digital peek.
  • Shred: Got outdated documents piling up? Shred them securely through the app.
  • Recycle: Choose the eco-friendly option and recycle your unwanted mail.
  • Deposit Checks: Need to deposit a check? The app streamlines the process.

You’re welcome to pick up your mail anytime during business hours.

At VenturePoint, secure and confidential mail delivery is our greatest responsibility. To make this even better, we need your help.

Just a quick favor:  Start including your unique suite number whenever you give us your address for mail.

With everyone using their full address, we can install smart lockers in the building. These lockers will be accessible 24/7, letting you pick up your mail any time, day or night!

So, next time you give out your address, remember to include your unique suite number. It helps us keep your mail safe and lets us unlock the door to even more convenient mail service!

Do you have any questions about our mail handling process? Feel free to reach out to our friendly location managers!