Manage Your Mail Online with a Virtual Mailbox

Create a professional image, and protect your privacy with a real address in a location you choose. View and manage your mail as soon as we receive it using our app.

Our Mail App Benefits:

Professional Image

Make a lasting impression on clients and partners with a prestigious business address, enhancing your credibility. 


Protect your personal information and keep your home address confidential.

Remote Access

Manage your business mail from anywhere. Access and handle your business correspondence online, 24/7.

Mail Handling Options

Choose to scan important documents, forward packages, or discard unnecessary items, streamlining your mail management.


Save money compared to renting physical office space. A virtual business address offers the benefits of a professional location without the added expense.

Keep Your Mail Secure

Running a business means handling sensitive documents. A virtual mailbox provides a secure alternative to a traditional mailbox.

Download the App

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Set Up Your Virtual Mailbox

Virtual mail Box Setup of VenturePoint

Create your account

1. Create a password: 

You will receive an account creation email where you will be asked to create your password. (If you did not receive an account creation email contact your location manager).

2. Accept Terms & Conditions:

Log into your account with your new password and accept the terms and conditions. 

Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint
Creating Username and password for virtual mail box account
Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint

How Does It Work?

You get an e-mail notification when new mail arrives

The Home tab on your app will show you the items in your Inbox, Action Required, and Recently Completed. This is also where you will find your address and mailbox number.


Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint

Viewing you mail

The Mail tab on your app will show you the status of your mail pieces. You can see there is one item in this example. If you select Inbox, you will be able to see a photo of your mail item. 

Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint
Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint

Requesting an action

You can request the following actions by tapping in the lightning icon at the top right:

  • Open & scanned to your e-mail
  • Forward
  • Deposit a Check
  • Recycle
  • Secure Shred

 You can also Mark an item as picked up or Not Mine. 




Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint
Creating virtual Mail box account of VenturePoint

If you have any questions or need support, select the Help tab for your location’s contact information or call us at (210) 598-5595

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a virtual address the same as a P.O. Box address?

No, a virtual address is different from a P.O. Box address. A virtual address is a real street address, while a P.O. Box is typically a box at a local post office. With a virtual address you are able to receive packages from carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. that don’t usually ship to P.O. Boxes.

Are virtual addresses considered official business addresses?

Yes, virtual addresses can be used as official business addresses for purposes like receiving business-related mail and documents.

How do I sign up?

1. Visit

2. Select which location you would like to sign up at (this will be the address you will use)

3. Click on Sign Up and you will be directed to that location’s page.

4. Under Our Plans, select the option Mail Only.

5. You will be able to choose between a 12-month or 6-month service.

How do I set up the app?

Scroll up this page to the section titled Set Up Your Virtual Mailbox and it will give you a step by step guide. If you still have questions, contact us at (210) 598-5595.

What is a Unique Suite Number (USN)?

A Unique Suite Number is a mailbox identifier assigned specifically to your business. It helps us differentiate mail between members and ensures your mail gets delivered to you. You must use this number everytime you give out your business address. 

Not only that, but it also needed when you verify your business on Google. Learn More.