Guest Policy

  1. Guests must abide by our House Rules 
  2. Members are responsible for their guests. Any damage, theft, or accidents caused by guests will be remedied at the cost of the member.
  3. Members are not allowed to share their access codes (alarm, keys or door codes) with any guest.
  4. Members can have a guest visit once a month. If they exceed this time, members will be charged a day pass for every additional guest to use the facilities. The same guest can only come free twice a year regardless of who is inviting them.
  5. Members can only have 1 guest at a time in the coworking area. If you’re having more than one guest, you will be charged the equivalent of a conference room rate so please utilize it.
  6. Members must be present for guests to use the facilities. If members leave the facility and the guests stay, members will be charged for a day pass. 
  7. Private office members can have guests in their offices even if they are not present, but they must let the location manager know.
  8. All guests must be registered ahead of time through our member portal in the “visitors” section or let the location manager know ahead of time.