Luis Escobar MBA EET

President & CEO VenturePoint
 Everywhere Inc

Founder EG&A Direct International

Flexible Workspace Specialist

Mobile Entrepreneur

Gmail® Expert

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  • Monday and Wednesday at VenturePoint Medical
  • Tuesday and Thursday at VenturePoint Broadway
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Conference Bridge: + 1 (210) 625-3669 *need a password 

Why VenturePoint?

As a technical engineer and a marketing professional, I have seen several significant evolutions of work tools and settings. Today, a tablet, a phone, and a laptop allow people to work remotely from any setting. In my view, this has created the Age of the Mobile Entrepreneur.

I’ve observed many of them working in coffee shops or public settings trying to work among the hubris of crying children and loud music. If you are a professional nowadays, you can work almost everywhere since all you need is a device, an internet connection, the cloud and a place to work. So, if you are working alone, you can do it almost everywhere. But when you have to meet with a coworker, a colleague, or with a prospect or client, you only have 2 or 3 options.

That’s why I’m building VenturePoint as a business opportunity. It’s providing mobile entrepreneurs with a professional setting almost everywhere that allows them to work, to collaborate with others, and to build a network of like-minded professionals.

If you would like more information about VenturePoint mobile entrepreneur workspace San Antonio, please don’t hesitate to call me.

-Luis Escobar