Physical Location Access Policy

1. Overview

Members are responsible for facility access requirements. The management and monitoring of physical access to facilities is extremely important to VenturePoint’s security and helps maintain staff, community and members safety.

This policy establishes rules for management, control, monitoring, and removal of physical access to VenturePoint facilities.

This policy applies to all VenturePoint Members and staff.

2. Access 24/7 Cards/Key Access

Physical access to all locations shall be documented and managed.  All locations must be physically protected.

Requests for access shall come from the Location Manager. Access to facilities will be granted only to members and staff who require access and authorized entry.  Electronic access control systems shall be used to manage access to controlled spaces and facilities.

The process for granting card and/or key access resides with the VenturePoint Operations Department. They shall regularly review card and/or key access rights and remove access for individuals that no longer require access or persons who cancel their VenturePoint Membership.  

Access rights shall be based on a member’s (staff, visitor, contractor, etc.) role or function in their organization.


The Operations Department shall ensure:

    • Secure areas are protected by appropriate entry and controls for authorized personnel
    • Procedures control and validate a staff member’s access to facilities with the use of security personnel, identification badges, or electronic key cards 
    • A complete inventory of critical assets is maintained with VenturePoint ownership defined and documented.
    • Card access records and visitor logs for facilities are kept for periodic review based upon the criticality of the information being protected and security necessity.


The following policy applies to all facility access cards/keys:

    • Members access cards and/or keys must not be shared or loaned to others.
    • Access cards/keys shall not have identifying information other than a return mail address and all cards/keys that are no longer required must be returned to VenturePoint.
    • Lost or stolen cards/or keys must be reported immediately to VenturePoint.
    • VenturePoint shall remove card and/or key access rights of individuals that change roles or are separated from their relationship with VenturePoint
    • The Location Manager or their designee regularly reviews access records and visitor logs for the facility and is responsible for investigating any unusual events or incidents related to physical facility access


All members should follow our Guest Policy and the following policy and procedure apply to identification and authorization of visitors and guests to the VenturePoint Locations:

    • Any VenturePoint member that allows access to visitors shall track visitor access.
    • Guest access is the full responsibility of the inviting member and who authorizes the access.
    • Visitors shall be authorized before entering, and escorted at all times.
    • Restrict physical access to wireless access points, gateways, handheld devices, networking, communications hardware, and telecommunications lines and other confidential areas in locations marked as CONFIDENTIAL or as VenturePoint Staff Access Only


The following policy and procedure pertains to access to VenturePoint Locations:

    • Video cameras and/or access control mechanisms shall monitor individual physical access and this data shall be stored for at least three months, unless otherwise restricted by rule, regulation, statute, or law.

 3. Audit Controls and Management

On-demand documented procedures and evidence of practice should be in place for this operational policy as part of normal VenturePoint operations.  Examples of acceptable controls and procedures include:

  • Visitor logs, Access control procedures and processes, Operational key-card access and premise control systems, Operational video surveillance systems and demonstrated archival retrieval of data

4. Enforcement  

Staff and members found in policy violation may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination according with section 27 of our Terms and Conditions Policy